Consumer Proprietary Network Information

Our Commitment to Your Privacy

While we work hard to serve you, our commitment to protecting your privacy and safeguarding your information remains as strong as ever. Pioneer abides by the privacy rules mandated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and as a member of Pioneer, you can count on Pioneer to respect and protect the privacy of your information. However, CPNI information can help us customize and improve solutions we offer you. 



CPNI is telephone account information that is made available to us due to our member-carrier relationship. It includes the quantity, technical configuration, type, destination, and location of telecommunications services. Some examples of CPNI would be: Sensitive personal information, types of services purchased, optional services used, phone numbers called, time, date, and duration of calls, calling patterns, frequently called states, amount the customer spends on telecommunication services, type of network to which the member subscribes. Pioneer will not disclose or sell CPNI unless required to do so by operation of law.

Use of Your CPNI

CPNI is not what we call subscriber list information, similar to what you would find in a published telephone directory. Neither is information regarding Customer Premise Equipment (CPE), inside wire installation, maintenance, repair service, or Internet service. CPNI is also not the information made available to providers of emergency services.

CPNI may be used to offer you products and services that you may not know to be available. These services may enhance or improve the telephone services you are currently subscribed to. Allowing us to use CPNI gives us the ability to provide more personalized service and offer you the products and services that best fit your needs, including services that may save you money. These services may be offered by telephone, mail, or email. 


No action is necessary if you would like us to continue to to use the CPNI on file to provide you with information about our products and services or special promotions.  If you do not want to be made aware of new services or promotions from Pioneer based on your CPNI, we require you to opt-out in writing. Even if you don’t allow us to use your CPNI, you may still get marketing information from us, but it won’t be because we used your CPNI. To opt-out, you must notify Pioneer in writing by one of these options: online by submitting the form below, email CustomerCare@pioneerconnect.net, or mailing your opt-out request to Pioneer Connect | PO Box 631 | Philomath, OR 97370.

Denying or restricting approval for us to use your CPNI for marketing purposes (also known as “opting-out”) will not affect any of our services to which you subscribe. Any denial or restriction of approval remains valid until you affirmatively revoke or limit such denial or restricted approval.


Federal privacy rules require us to authenticate the identity of its customers prior to disclosing or discussing CPNI. Members calling Pioneer can discuss their services and billings with a team member once the caller’s identity has been verified. The following methods are used to authenticate customers:

  • by having the Member provide a pre-established password and/or PIN;
  • by calling the Member back at the telephone number associated with the services purchased;
  • by mailing the requested documents to the Member’s address of record.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Customer Experience Team M-F, 8 AM-4:30 PM at 1-888-929-1014.

Thank you for choosing Pioneer. We appreciate your business.

CPNI Opt-Out Request