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MyBundle Puts You in Control of Your Streaming Content Choices

Pioneer Connect believes in giving our members great internet experiences. Recently, we launched a new tool for our members, MyBundle.TV. This tool helps our members confidently choose between endless streaming options.

Thanks to our partnership with MyBundle, you can select your own lineup of streaming apps and services to get the entertainment, sports, and news you want—and not have to pay for those you don’t want—and all without a separate cable bill, contract, or equipment!

MyBundle is a game-changing service that puts you in control of your streaming choices and lets you save money at the same time.

sports fan? prefer documentary series on nature, history, or diy? maybe a rom-com!

MyBundle has you covered with loads of options. MyBundle lets you select the apps and streaming channels to stay a lifelong learner. Eager to try Ted Lasso, The Handmaid’s Tale, and The Witcher? MyBundle lets you bundle Apple TV+, Hulu Plus, and Netflix, respectively, into your package. In short, with MyBundle, you get to decide which streaming platforms you want in one convenient place.

And because MyBundle offers just about any entertainment, news, or sports streaming service available today, you can finally “Cut The Cable” — you don’t need a separate cable or satellite service in order to enjoy what you want! That means MyBundle can save you money and stop the extra bills and contracts you simply no longer need.

With your Pioneer connection and the streaming content customization of MyBundle, you can enjoy the best streaming entertainment and stay in control of the content lineup, all while saving you money each year!

Learn more below about building your own package of streaming apps and services or browsing the entire catalog of apps and services.