Pioneer Connect to end EZVideo service on Jan. 31, 2022


As a cooperative, we strive to keep our members informed of any significant changes that may have an impact on the services we provide. As such, you deserve to be made aware when changes are happening in your company and why.   

The world of video seems to change daily and is an expensive service to provide. An abundance of video solutions in the market today cater to multiple preferences, and subscribers have more choices than ever to customize their entertainment experience at a price where we are no longer competitive. We do not enjoy raising members’ bills, and we do everything we can to negotiate for fair rates from content providers and technology partners. However, the changes the TV industry is facing make it extremely difficult for small, member-owned cooperatives like Pioneer Connect to continue to offer video services at reasonable rates. We have seen all core product programming tier costs more than double in the last decade. Even though we pool our content negotiations with hundreds of independent providers throughout the United States, we are unable to offer the kinds of packages and programming options at affordable prices that members want.   

In addition, the partner who provides the technology that Pioneer Connect uses for our EZVideo TV service filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy earlier this year. This technology company has since been acquired by another organization who has issued an immediate rate increase in the form of a System Fee. Furthermore, multiple popular and well-watched networks have enacted unexpected mid-year price increases for the right to air their content on our system.  

In the past, Pioneer Connect has absorbed as much of these technology and programming costs as possible to minimize raising member rates. However, with this new partner, and network contract changes, we have reached a point where it’s outside of our control and feel it’s in our members’ best interest to no longer offer this service.  

Therefore, Pioneer Connect has decided to terminate the EZVideo services as of January 31, 2022. 

This is not the news you’d prefer to hear. We get that. We don’t like being forced to raise your monthly rates or turn off an anchor service. Favorite TV shows are personal. They can provide you with something to share with others, perhaps teach you something new, or offer a temporary escape. Our goal is not to keep you from your favorite programs, but rather to help you find the best, most budget friendly way to enjoy them moving forward.  

As this situation progressed, we recognized this announcement may generate interest in alternative video solutions. Our team has been reviewing several popular subscription streaming TV services to help you find the best replacement for your needs. We have compiled information about a variety of popular options and are ready to help you navigate all the options. Many include customizable live cable and/or local channel packages at affordable prices with many of the same features and content you have grown to love from EZVideo. Others offer both live and On Demand programming. All of these solutions bypass traditional cable or satellite technologies, delivering content via the internet on many of the same device(s) you use now to access EZVideo. Monthly prices for these live streaming services range from free to under $100 for the top tier of programming. Visit pioneer.net/streaming to learn more and find the best fit for you.  

Our Customer Service Team can review your TV needs and help guide you to the right mix of entertainment services, weekdays between 8AM and 4:30PM at 1-888-929-1014.    

Please know this decision was not made lightly and every member experience was considered. We know change is difficult. Just like with the transition to EZVideo, we’ll be there to help you as along the way. The team at Pioneer Connect will provide you with timely and transparent communications along with alternative solutions that best meet your needs when possible. Thank you for understanding and supporting your local communications cooperative.  

Your Pioneer Connect Team 


Frequently Asked Questions:  

Do I have to move my TV service now?  

You do not need to move to a new service right away. We will keep the EZVideo service on through January 31, 2022. We highly recommend that you begin to research other TV options at pioneer.net/streaming as early as possible to find a solution that works best for you. Most offer free trials as well, so you can test out their offering before purchasing. 

Can I still get my Internet/Phone service through Pioneer Connect?  

Absolutely! We’re not going anywhere. The only service that will no longer be offered is EZVideo.  

What are my options?  

While you have until January 31, 2022 before the service is deactivated, we encourage a transition to your new service of choice as early as possible. We’ve created a web page to explain many popular options and help guide you to the best solution for your household.  

What is a subscription streaming TV service?  

A streaming TV service delivers video programming, live or OnDemand through an app or online website over the Internet. The majority of these streaming TV services operate as a monthly subscription-based model and most do not require a contract or commitment.    

Will I still have access to local channels?  

It depends on the new service selected. Some platforms do offer local channels, but we recommend that you visit www.pioneer.net/streaming to see available options. 

Will I still have access to my watchTVeverywhere content?  

No. Once you discontinue EZVideo service with Pioneer Connect, you will no longer be able to use your watchTVeverywhere login. Many streaming and satellite options offer a similar experience.  

Will I still be able to watch recorded programs in my EZVideo DVR?  

No. Recorded content will no longer be accessible after you move to an alternate provider or when we turn the service off. As of January 31, 2021, all EZVideo-enabled content, including DVR and watchTVeverywhere, will no longer be available. 

Can I keep the device I used to watch EZVideo?  

Yes, you own the device. Many of the other available streaming services should work on the connected device(s) you have in your home.  

Will my new streaming TV service appear on my Pioneer Connect bill?  

No. These services are all offered by third-party companies.