Meet the Fiber Force

You’ve seen their faces around town… Now learn how they represent the members Pioneer serves!

Meet the Fiber Force Team

Wi-Fi Wanda… She’s passionate about Wi-Fi like nobody else. Not only is she familiar with everything Wi-Fi 6 offers, she’s the perfect example of the ‘Internet of Things.’ Her house has 30+ connected devices…. and counting!

Troubleshooting Tommy… You have an internet issue, Tommy is there to save the day! He embodies the Pioneer spirit of going the extra mile and loves finding out-of-the-box solutions for customers.

Pioneer Polly… She’s the passionate cheerleader for our Philomath Fiber-to-the-Home project. She delivers exceptional customer service and makes her neighbors feel included in this historic project!

Streaming Sally… Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+, Amazon Prime, Discovery+, Peacock, Crunchyroll, you name it, Sally has a subscription. Seriously. She represents the wave of cord-cutters who depend on streaming to stay connected to the entertainment they love.

Fiber Fast Freddy… He is Pioneer’s need-for-speed customer. He knows exactly what you can do with a GIG. And he’s bragging to all his friends and family with screenshots showing his incredible download/upload speeds.