Grant Projects

Pioneer is continuously seeking resources to bring fiber to the residents living in our 1,300 square mile service territory. We have had great success submitting applications that are highly competitive – Community Connect, Reconnect 3, and the most recent, Reconnect 4. These grants will connect over 3,000 homes and businesses with fiber bringing the fastest and most reliable broadband to some of our most rural members.

These projects are government-funded by the US Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Rural Utilities Service (RUS). There is a great deal of red tape. For example, we submitted our Community Connect grant application back in 2020 and we are only now on the cusp of beginning construction. 

Each grant has rigorous qualifications. Every grant has different requirements, including what the capable speed at each location is. Some grants only fund locations with less than 10 Mbps/1 Mbps (download/upload). Some only fund locations with less than 25/3. Others less than 100/20. Only eligible locations can be included in the grant application.

When construction begins, the priority is to complete the project in accordance with the grant’s terms and conditions and within the proscribed timeline. Locations that are outside the funded grant project will be evaluated as fiber interests are submitted. Registering your interest will help us evaluate the need and demand. It also helps Pioneer strategically plan and may prioritize getting you connected to fiber quicker.

Whether your address is a part of a grant fiber build or not, register your interest today!

Pioneer Connect is proud to participate in the FCC’s Affordable Connectivity and Lifeline programs that help eligible households pay for internet service.

Supersonic Speeds & Happy Members!

“Pioneer Connect supports our community through their Co-Op. Now with fiber, we are leveraging a future-proof connection to enable greater restoration management. Their internet is not only lightning-fast, it’s more reliable, safe, and consistent than the others. We champion supporting local and are more than satisfied with Pioneer Connects services.”

— Mark From Integrated Resource Management (First Fiber Customer)

“We’re excited to be partnering with the team at Pioneer to enhance broadband speeds to our community and families. Not only will this project change the way our community stays connected, but it will also shape our growth as a district for years to come.”

— Adam Watkins, Blachly School District Superintendent (Community Connect Grant)

Opportunities for Our Communities

For over 70 years, Pioneer Connect has proudly supported the communities. We are excited to announce that we are the recipients of multiple grants. This incredible opportunity will help us build a Fiber network prepared for the future of connectivity and a world of possibility.

This will help drive tourism, boost community engagement, and showcase what makes us unique. In turn, driving economics for residents and businesses.

We are committed to our community, promising to deliver consistent, and reliable local service at an affordable price. Our desire is to help our communities thrive, retaining the characteristics that define your area, all while enabling the next generation of Internet.

Submit your interest today, or learn what makes us a cooperative below.