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The above rate does not include EAS (Exchange Area Service). Price may vary depending upon exact address. Pricing does not include taxes, fees or surcharges. Please contact a Customer Service Team Member or shop services for your address below for more accurate pricing.


See below for a list of calling features you can add to your phone service. For more information on how to use our calling features Click Here

Residential Extended Area Service

Residential Extended Area Service

EAS is a replacement for long distance (toll) service. EAS allows telephone customers in one local calling area (known as an exchange) to call one or more nearby exchanges, without incurring long distance charges. Instead of paying long distance charges, customers are given a choice between a flat monthly EAS rate and a measured EAS rate (i.e., a per minute rate) within the extended area. Long distance charges cease within the extended area. In sum, an EAS calling area is a toll-free calling area.

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Protect your home telephone and Internet wiring with NetProtect™

When you pick up the phone, you want it to work—no questions asked. That’s why we offer NetProtect™, a comprehensive protection plan for all your inside wiring for both internet and home phone services.

For NetProtect customers™, repair charges for standard inside telephone wiring and jacks are covered—so you don’t have to worry about an unexpected expense.

Enjoy peace of mind for just $2/month*.

To sign up, call our friendly Customer Service at 541-929-3135 or 541-563-3135.

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*There is a 15-day waiting period from the time of signing up. This service covers any inside wiring installed by Pioneer and other inside wiring installed to telephone industry standards. Telephones and other Customer Provided Equipment (CPE) are not covered by this service. Pioneer Connect does, however, rent telephones and will replace defective rental equipment should it fail.

Long Distance

Long Distance

Living far away from close friends or family members? Don’t let distance keep you apart. With Pioneer’s Long Distance plans, you can stay as close as ever—we’ll have you covered, no matter where you are. Explore our Long Distance calling plans below.

Caller’s Advantage

Spend more than an hour each week on the phone with faraway loved ones? Choose Caller’s Advantage for a rate so great, you can stop counting minutes.

13.5 cents per minute*

The Easy Rate

Have a few folks to catch up with, but not much of a talker? This is the perfect plan for those who spend 2–3 hours or less per month on long distance calls. With no monthly fee, this plan lets you pay as you go, so you only pay for the time you spend on the phone.

15.5 cents per minute*

* Per Minute, anytime, including calls to the 50 United States, Canada, US Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Guam, and The Northern Marianas Islands (AKA Saipan). International calls vary. Please contact a customer service team member at 541-929-3135 or 541-563-3135 to learn more.

Calling Features


Pioneer Connect telephone service includes many handy call features at no extra charge, as well as many available for a small fee. Explore the calling feature options below and contact a customer service team member to confirm fees and sign up. (Costs are subject to change.)

Auto Call Back | $2.50/month
Automatically redial the last number you dialed.

Voicemail | $8.75/month
Answers your calls when you can’t. No answering machine needed.

Call Forwarding | $2.50/month
Forward either all calls, busy calls, or after a number of rings to a specific phone number.

Caller ID | $6.50/month
Know who’s calling before you pick up with this useful feature.

Call Transfer | Included w/ 3-Way Calling
Now you’ll be able to transfer calls to another phone number from in call.

Call Waiting | $2.50/month
If you have an incoming call while you’re on the phone, this feature will let you know.

Call Trace | FREE
Find out where harassing or unwanted phone calls are coming from.

Distinctive Ringing | $2.50/month
A special ringer will be used to help you know what phone is being called.

Last Call Return | $2.50/month
Be able to automatically redial your last incoming call.

Line Blocking | FREE
Keep your information private! Line Blocking prevents your name and number from appearing on caller IDs.

Privacy Defender | $2.50/month
Control incoming calls with the ability to screen and reject unwanted calls.

Selective Call Acceptance | $2.50/month
Only want to hear from a select group of people? Create a list from which you are willing to accept calls.

Selective Call Forwarding | $2.50/month
Make sure important callers always get through to you. This feature lets you forward a select list of callers to another number.

Call Rejection | $2.50/month
Have the ability to block a list of phone numbers you don’t want to get calls from.

Speed Dialing | $2.50/month
Quickly dial a select choice of numbers you set up.

Conference Calling | $2.50/month
Add a third party to an existing phone conversation.