Reconnect 3 Grant Fiber Project Update


In 2022, Pioneer was awarded a grant of $24,952,007 to extend fiber connectivity to communities in Benton and Lincoln counties, plus a few locations in Polk County. This Reconnect 3 grant will bring increased internet speeds and enhanced reliability to over 1,500 homes and businesses. 

Since the announcement of this project, it may seem like this is taking forever.  Unfortunately, these grant projects are very slow-moving and have rigorous processes we have to abide by.  The good news is things are starting to move along and the final plans were submitted to RUS on 1/8/24.  

While we wait for project approval from RUS, Pioneer is working behind the scenes to keep the project moving forward, ensuring we can get boots on the ground as quickly as we can.  Once RUS has given the final approval on the project, Pioneer will initiate the bidding process and select a contractor.  This will then have to be submitted to RUS for approval.  We’ll continually update the project developments here and across social media platforms. 

For details on the areas included in the Reconnect 3 grant, click here. To explore and learn more about grant projects, visit this link, but don’t forget to register your fiber interest today!