Managing Your Home Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi internet access has brought convenient connectivity into our homes and has helped change how we use the internet in our daily lives. With that convenience, however, comes the hazards of an ever-growing number of wireless devices, all competing for the same Internet access. Pioneer Connect can help you troubleshoot and even avoid these hiccups with Total Home Managed Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi is a radio signal that continually broadcasts and connects your wireless devices. Many things can affect the wireless signal, including: interference from other wireless devices and microwaves, router placement, distance between your Wi-Fi device and the router, and even an outdated modem. All of these can cause dropped signals, lower your Internet connection speeds, and make for a frustrating experience. Let us help!

Do you suffer from Wi-Fi dead spots or weak signals? Do you have a lot of wireless devices connecting at the same time? Would you rather have someone else maintain and set up your wireless network? Pioneer Connect’s Total Home Managed Wi-Fi enables a better home networking experience, more reliable connection and easier usability.

Adding Total Home Wi-Fi to your PEAK Internet, enables us to make sure every nook and cranny of your home is covered with powerful and reliable Wi-Fi connection.

With Total Home Wi-Fi, Pioneer Connect will:

  • professionally install new equipment, set up your Wi-Fi network
  • troubleshoot your Wi-Fi Connection (including Wi-Fi enabled devices)
  • make sure your Wi-Fi is running smoothly from all areas of your home
  • AND provide 24/7 SUPPORT!

For as little as $10 a month, let us take your Wi-Fi to the next level. Have Pioneer manage and maintain your Wi-Fi network!

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