$50 for 1 GIG FIBER*

It doesn’t get any better than this!

We’ve created this $50 deal just for YOU!* When you sign up for Internet with Pioneer, you get super fast internet with no data caps, no contracts, and free installation.

+ sign up now and get our Premium Wi-Fi!

Superior coverage with our certified Wi-Fi 6 Router

Robust parental controls, network security, and Wi-Fi management with an easy-to-use app

*Speeds are symmetrical. Only available to Oak Springs and BLVD Apartment residents. Price will be honored for as long as resident is at current address. Limited time offer. Restrictions apply. May not be combined with other offers and one promotional offer per customer/account/location in a 12-month period.

Get a GIG for $50!

Get a Gig for $50!

Just a few details to get GIG'N!


50 Reasons You Need to Be a Pioneer Connect Fiber Customer

  1. $50/1 GIG! An Insane Deal — Just for You!
  2. Supersonic Fast Speeds
  3. Reliable Connection
  4. No Contracts
  5. No Data Caps
  6. No Installation
  7. Symmetrical Upload/Download Speeds
  8. Pioneer Is Local to Philomath
  9. No Price Jumps!
  10. Connect at the Speed of Light — Fiber Uses Light to Transmit Data!
  11. Pioneer Gives Back to Our Communities
  12. Fiber Has the Capacity for Future Technology
  13. Pioneer Fiber Has Top-Of-The-Line Security
  14. Remote Control for Your Wi-Fi Network (ConnectIQ App)
  15. Fiber Is More Likely to Withstand Bad Weather Conditions
  16. Pioneer Has Been Serving Oregon for Over 72 Years
  17. Multiple 4K Streams Without Buffering
  18. We Also Offer Residential Phone Services
  19. We Are Always Looking for Ways to Improve Our Fiber Technology in Your Area
  20. Pioneer Offers Annual Academic Scholarships and Youth Tours
  21. Our Customer Service Is Friendly and Incredible
  22. We Offer Grants for Community-Based Projects
  23. Work From Home More Seamlessly with Pioneer Fiber
  24. Fiber Internet Signals Do Not Degrade Due to Electromagnetic Interference
  25. Save Money by Locking in Your GIG Price for as Long as You Live at Your Current Residence!*
  26. Extra Set of Eyes: Advance Parental Controls, Set Time Limits, Content Control, and Device Prioritization
  27. Personal Network Ninja: Fight Viruses, Malware, & Unwanted Visitors
  28. Our Wi-Fi 6 Router Is Certified and Comes With 24/7 Support
  29. Our Customers Are Our Neighbors
  30. Supporting Pioneer Means You Are Supporting Local Oregon Business
  31. We Offer Financial Assistance When Possible
  32. Fiber Internet Is More Eco-Friendly Than Other Traditional Internet Services
  33. Fiber-Optic Cables Are Made of Silicon Dioxide, an Extremely Common Element Found in Sand, Rocks, and Clay
  34. Fiber-Optic Network Infrastructure Uses Less Energy Than Its Cable Counterparts
  35. Fiber-Optic Requires Minimal Repairs and Upkeep
  36. Fiber Has the Infrastructure to Handle Society’s Increasing Bandwidth Needs
  37. We Provide Streaming Suggestions
  38. Our Website Has Extensive Support and Troubleshooting Solutions
  39. Pioneer Supports Our Communities Through Career Opportunities
  40. We Have Lots of Fun Giveaways for Our Facebook Followers
  41. You Will See Pioneer Team Members Out and About at Community Events and Organizations
  42. 24/7/365 Troubleshooting Service
  43. Congrats on Making It This Far on This List! The First 10 People to Call Pioneer and Mention “Number 43” Will Get $10 off for 3 Months!
  44. Bringing Fiber to Your Home or Business Also Increases Your Property Value by an Average of 3.1%
  45. Our Customers Give Us Excellent Reviews
  46. We Are a Cooperative with Board Members That Represents Each Area We Serve
  47. Pioneer Offers Freedom and Flexibility to Be Online Without Data Limits
  48. Our Service Area Spans 1,300 Square Miles
  49. We Lead the Area in Broadband Innovation
  50. Fiber Networks Are Future-Proof!