Grant Build FAQs

Our Pledge

Pioneer is continuously seeking resources to bring fiber to the residents living in our 1,300 square mile service territory. Grant funding can supplement our internal funds, allowing us to build fiber where no one else dares, and we believe all members deserve the best connection to the world.

Pioneer has been awarded grants which will allow us to expedite the delivery of fiber to your home or business bringing you the fastest and most reliable broadband service anywhere – with local technicians and customer service to boot! That means real people answer the phone, not a robot! What could have taken MANY years to accomplish is now a reality and will happen sooner than later. Fiber is the gold standard, and we are humbled to bring it to the rural communities where no one else dares. We pledge to deliver outstanding internet experiences and customer support.

Pioneer Connect is local and has been providing service to our communities for 72 years, and fiber truly changes the game for our membership. With fiber, you are literally connecting at the speed of light, and it has many characteristics that triumph over other internet connection options. Fiber is the gold standard because it is “future-proof.” The fiber networks we are building are designed for future expansion of speeds up to 10 GIG. Simply swapping out network components instead of replacing an entire line or cable will allow for easier upgrades and more affordable plans.

Other internet solutions, such as satellite, are not as consistent or reliable. Spotty service is often found on satellite, which requires “line-of-sight” to connect. As Oregonians, we know our homes and businesses are built in areas filled with trees and between hills and mountains, which pose challenges for such internet technologies. This is where fiber excels.

Fiber connections do not downgrade from weather issues like fog, rain, or snow or geographical features such as mountains, hills, rocks, or trees. Studies have shown on average, fiber increases the value of your home by an average of 3.1%. Best of all, Pioneer fiber supports local businesses, our communities, students, events, and so much more. All of this allows us to live where we want without sacrificing employment, educational opportunities, or access to essential healthcare services.

While fiber is coming, it will not happen overnight. These are multi-year projects and require a great deal of resources, time, and patience to deliver a fiber optic connection directly to your home or business.

Pioneer is excited to be bringing fast fiber to you. We promise you’ll love connecting at the speed of light and the difference of a local cooperative.

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When Do I Get Fiber?

Grant funding provides wonderful opportunities for our communities, but the process is rigorous. Grants are extraordinarily competitive and take considerable time and effort to complete. Every grant is different, each with its own specific guidelines and evaluation criteria. Pioneer can already provide robust internet service to many locations, making them ineligible for grant funding. As a result, not every address is part of a grant fiber build. See, “Does Everyone In These Communities Get Fiber” for more information.

The time between submitting a grant application and receiving notification of a decision takes months (and can be as long as a year!). Even after a grant award is announced, we must wait for the official documentation from the government to start the project. That again can take months. During this waiting game, we are unable to start the project(s). Only after we receive final authorization can we begin engineering the project. During this time, we will be completing the necessary fieldwork for detailed engineering drawings, and at that time, you may start seeing “boots on the ground.”

Whether your address is part of the grant project or not, we need residents to register their fiber interest before construction begins. Being proactive not only helps Pioneer strategically plan the fiber build; it also shows us the demand for fiber for locations outside the grant funding project.

Due to an enormous influx of federal and state funding across the country for broadband, there are other complications and factors to consider. Lead times for fiber and other materials can be up to one year or longer. With such complex projects, supply chain challenges for even the smallest nut or bolt can contribute to delays. We are proactive and do our best to mitigate such issues. However, there are times when uncontrollable factors can cause delays.

We hope you understand that it will take time to complete these projects, and great things do not happen overnight. We are working as quickly as possible, each and every day, to get you connected to fiber. Together we will connect our rural communities and leverage future-proof technologies that will give our members decades of incredible internet experiences.

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Does Everyone in These Communities Get Fiber Internet?

Each grant has rigorous qualifications, along with different requirements, including the capable speed at each location is. Some grants only fund locations that can get less than 10 Mbps/1 Mbps (download/upload). Some only fund locations with less than 25/3. Others less than 100/20. Only locations that meet specific grant requirements can be included in grant applications.

When construction begins, the priority is to complete the project in accordance with the grant’s terms and conditions and within the proscribed timeline. Fiber grant projects can take multiple years to complete. Once the project is complete, we will evaluate the demand and those locations outside the funded project that have registered their fiber interest. If we determine it’s feasible to bring fiber to you, someone from our team will reach out to let you know fiber internet is available.

If you don’t already subscribe to 100/20, we encourage you to call our Customer Experience Team and upgrade your internet today. Philomath Office: 541-929-3135 or Waldport Office: 541-563-3135.

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Why Is It Important to Submit Fiber Interest?

While not every location is included in a grant application, we always want to give our members the best internet experience. That is why we’re committed to upgrading our network and pursuing grant opportunities as they become available. Registering your interest is the most effective way to get fiber to your community. We hear from a lot of folks that they want fiber internet for their homes, businesses, and communities, but without showing us that you’re interested, we have no way to gauge the demand. The more interest and registrations we have for an area, the more likely fiber will come sooner than later.

Together, we can bring fiber to your area by Registering Your Fiber Interest Today! Don’t forget to tell your family, friends, and neighbors!

Additional Frequently Asked Questions

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Supersonic Speeds & Happy Members!

“Pioneer Connect supports our community through their Co-Op. Now with fiber, we are leveraging a future-proof connection to enable greater restoration management. Their internet is not only lightning-fast, it’s more reliable, safe, and consistent than the others. We champion supporting local and are more than satisfied with Pioneer Connects services.”

— Mark From Integrated Resource Management (First Fiber Customer)

“We’re excited to be partnering with the team at Pioneer to enhance broadband speeds to our community and families. Not only will this project change the way our community stays connected, but it will also shape our growth as a district for years to come.”

— Adam Watkins, Blachly School District Superintendent (Community Connect Grant)