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Why bundle? Signing up for services together saves you money—plus, you’ll gain the convenience
of getting all your services on one bill each month.

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When you just need a phone line, this is the bundle for you. Pioneer Connect has provided reliable, clear phone connections for decades, which means your communications with your customers will be professional and dependable. This package comes with our four most popular calling features.
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Staying connected to your customers is vital. When you combine high-speed internet and phone services, your business saves money while receiving a fast, reliable internet connection, crystal clear voice services to communicate with your customers, and customize your service for your business’ needs by increasing internet speed or adding features. Looking to take your business to the next level? Add Easy Attendant, a virtual receptionist, to help direct your calls.
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* Applies to 1 business line. Some restrictions apply. Based on current rates, which are subject to change. Local service does not include taxes, fees or surcharges. High speed internet does not include modem charges, taxes, fees, or surcharges. Not all members qualify for all speeds advertised. Actual speeds vary and are not guaranteed. Please contact a Customer Service Team Member for more accurate pricing and speed availability. Performance will vary due to conditions outside of network control including customer location, websites accessed, Internet congestion, and customer equipment. Connection speeds are based on sync rates. Download speeds will be up to 15% lower due to network requirements.

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