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Are you a person who values community, loves to solve problems creatively, and naturally fosters connections with neighbors and friends? You might just be a great fit for the Pioneer Connect team. See below for our current employment openings.

Director of Network Ops

Director of Network Operations 

If you are looking for a leadership opportunity, now is the time to join Pioneer Connect’s Management Team as our Director of Network OperationsThis position is based from our Philomath, Oregon location and provides oversight, operational planning, and supervision of the central office, network engineering, outside plant engineering, network facility center, outside plant construction and warehouse personnel. 

In this position you will be responsible for establishing, directing, articulating and implementing a long-term vision and strategy for technical operations. This includes the integrated role of IP / TDM switching, outside plant engineering and construction as well as industry technology within the organization. 

Other responsibilities include: 

  • Responsible for the overall planning, organizing, integration, and execution of IP, TDM switching and internal systems functions within the organization.  
  • Responsible for creating and maintaining an “incubator” to test and recommend new technologies and related products, as well as overseeing the planning, budgeting, installation, integration, maintenance, provisioning, and repair of external data/I.P. networks. 
  • Responsible for all aspects of Outside Plant Engineering and Construction including department organization, staffing, employee development, budgeting, electronic records and long and short-range work plans. Provides support for loan or grant applications necessary for outside plant improvements. Also responsible for warehouse operations, major material selections and overseeing the safe operation and upkeep of vehicles and work equipment.     
  • Evaluates viability of new technology and service offerings for continued company development and expansion based upon design requirements, costs, and impact. Analyzes, assesses, presents, and implements complex business initiatives that meet both organization and/or customer needs both now and for the future. Analysis may include, but not necessarily be limited to, market research, profitability, cost/benefit analysis, staffing and training, and market impact. Ensures network security standards and policies are in place to safeguard Pioneer Connect from risks.  
  • Creates, maintains, and enforces standards and procedures for implementing technical solutions to ensure consistency and sustainability of those solutions. Establishes and maintains procedures, processes and timelines that promote the efficient attainment of work goals and objectives within the work group. 
  • Provides financially responsible long and short-range planning to deploy technology solutions that benefit our members. 
  • Responsible for project management and ensuring proper technology planning, scheduling, and implementation are completed timely. 
  • Responsible for active participation in the strategic planning process as a member of the management team by providing support of company initiatives, maintaining confidentiality, taking initiative to propose policies and programs that contribute to the company’s success, and accepting accountability for participation. Sets a positive leadership example through demonstrated and timely performance. 
  • Responsible for the overall successful management and leadership of the Network Operations staff including selection, training and development, performance management, appraisals, coaching, and wage actions to ensure department objectives are met. 

Does the following describes you? 

  • Strategic mindset. You have expertise in seeing the big picture and anticipating future trends and are able to look for new and better ways for the organization to serve its customers. Your optimism about possibilities is contagious!    
  • Leadership and collaboration.  Making connections with people and inspiring them to challenge themselves and achieve results is important to you. You find joy in other’s success and creating a collaborative environment where people are motivated to do their best. You recognize that results are best achieved when working as a team. 
  • Action oriented. Knowing the most effective and efficient processes to get things done is your strength, yet you are always looking for opportunities for continuous improvement.  You are able to assemble resources and consistently achieve results, even under changing circumstances. 


  • This position typically requires a Bachelor Degree in a related field or equivalent work experience and an understanding of diverse telecommunications operations, procedures, terminology, equipment, and regulatory requirements. 
  • Must have supervisory experience and a minimum of 7 years of telecommunications management, telecommunications information systems and/or information technology experience. 
  • Requires superior interpersonal and leadership skills with the ability to drive organizational change. Excellent listening, written and oral communication skills and the ability to conduct business in a calm and professional manner is essential. 
  • Must have demonstrated ability to work from oral and written instructions and make decisions independently and take responsibility for them.  
  • Requires strong problem solving abilities, including the ability to identify and capitalize on opportunities. Requires the ability to handle multiple priorities and respond quickly to tight deadlines. Must be skilled in reading and interpreting technical documents and information. 
  • Requires general computer skills and familiarity with Microsoft Word and Excel. 
  • Requires the ability to maintain good working relations with other departments and outside agencies. 
  • Must have time management and organizational skills and the ability to multi task.   
  • Must demonstrate initiative and attention to detail, possess the ability to analyze facts, make recommendations, and manage projects independently. 
  • Must be able to obtain an Oregon RMI certification within six months of employment. 

Preferred Qualifications 

  • Experience with voice, internet, broadband, IPTV and outside plant engineering and construction. 
  • Experience with GIS systems, NISC software, and Calix or ADTRAN access systems. 

What you can expect from Pioneer: 

  • Community.  Individually and as a company, our employees take pride in working hard for the people whom we have the honor and privilege to serve. We are proud to play a role in helping make each of our communities a better place to live and work. 
  • Support. Our work environment feels like a family which makes sense when you look at how long we have worked together! We will provide you with challenging and satisfying opportunitiesevery step of your career. 
  • Benefits. We offer an insurance package which provides full-family, employer-paid health coverage and generous retirement program. Taking care of you is important to us! 

Since our founding over 70 years ago, Pioneer Connect has been overcoming barriers and thinking creatively to bring our customers the best possible services at an affordable price. If you are ready for an exciting challenge in your career, please send your resume and cover letter to Lori Fischetti at lfischetti@ntca.org

National Telecommunications Cooperative Association (NTCA) is assisting with this recruitment.

What makes Pioneer Connect a great place to work?

Pshh, here’s a hint — Our employees love what we do, the members we serve and the jaw-dropping beauty of our service area.

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We value community

Individually and as a company, Pioneer employees take pride in working hard for the people whom we have the honor and privilege to serve. We are proud to play a role in helping make each of our communities a better place to live and work.

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Supporting your Career

The Pioneer work environment is inclusive and welcoming — and that makes lots of sense when you look at how long we have worked together! We will provide you with challenging and satisfying opportunities, every step of your career.

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Generous Benefits

We offer a benefits package which provides full-family, employer-paid health, dental and vision coverage, as well as a generous 401(k) program and paid time off. Taking care of you is important to us!

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Constantly innovating

We’ve always got an eye to the future. Our network is a tremendous point of pride, and we are always looking forward, for new technology and ideas and ways to deliver an exceptional member experience.

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