2021 Annual Meeting

Board of Director Nominations

The 2021 Annual Meeting of Members is scheduled for Monday, June 21, 2021 in Philomath. Members of the Board of Directors will be elected from the following two districts:

District 5 — The northerly portion of the Philomath exchange. The south boundary line of the district is described as follows: Beginning at the northeast corner of Section 35, Township 11 South, Range 6 West; thence west 2 miles to the northwest corner of Section 34; thence south 2.5 miles to the east quarter corner of Section 9, Township 12 South, Range 6 West; thence west 9 miles to the west quarter corner of Section 7, Township 12 South, Range 7 West; including Hoskins, Kings Valley, Woods Creek, and Wren areas.

District 6 — The Blodgett, Chitwood, Harlan, and Summit exchanges including Big Bend, Burnt Woods, Eddyville, Elk City, Nashville, and Norton areas.

For more information regarding the nomination process, contact one of our business offices or view our Bylaws here.